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Deal or No Deal

Based on the hit television show featuring Noel Edmonds, the Deal or No Deal game is now an online experience. Players begin proceedings by picking one box from the 26 available. Each of these 26 boxes contains a different amount of prize money, ranging from very low to much higher. The player picks a box and decides on a stake to place on it, which determines the potential game payout.

After the player has made her choice, she then spends the game opening the other boxes one by one. These other boxes will reveal their prize contents when picked, gradually telling the player more and more about the amount that's contained inside her own box.

The Deal or No Deal online game is made more interesting by the presence of the computer-controlled banker. The banker speaks to the player after each round ñ a round finds the player opening a small number of boxes -- and offers her a prize that she can take rather than the contents of her own box. The amount the banker offers varies based on the other boxes so far opened and what they've contained. So the banker will make a higher offer if, after several rounds, only low-scoring boxes have been opened. After each offer, the player must either accept the banker's prize or continue, until eventually she opens her own box and discovers what amount she picked at the start.

When only two boxes remain, the Banker will phone with a last offer. If the player rejects this, she'll be able to open her own box and must then take what's revealed inside.



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