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Bar X 5

The Bar X 5 game is an online version of a machine that appears in amusement arcades and casinos across many countries. The game is pretty simple: there are three reels and each contains the same symbols, which are Os, Xs and the BAR. On each turn, you spin the reels, with the aim of bringing about a winning combination of symbols. You're typically looking to get either three Xs together or three of the BAR symbol. Any other combination is a losing spin.

These symbols pay out different amounts; typically, a series of BAR symbols will garner you a greater payout than a row of Xs, since a combination of three BARS pays 50 times your original bet.

Before you spin the reels, if you're playing for cash in Bar X 5 online, you choose your bet, which can vary considerably. After you've placed your bet, you spin the reels to see if you'll be able to increase your money on that round.

Even if a spin is not a winner, all is not lost. You'll sometimes be awarded free holds. These can be used to keep one or two of the reels in place during the next spin, furthering your chances of winning. Alternatively, you might get given free nudges. Each nudge moves a reel up or down by one space. The idea is that by nudging a reel, you'll bring either an X or BAR symbol in line with the others to create a row of three symbols. If you nudge a reel into a winning combination, you'll still get the prize, so nudge carefully.



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